Gscience joins Barclays for the Game Tech Frenzy event

Gscience headed to the Barclays HQ to attend the Game Tech Frenzy event. Our Co-Founder Jamie Kiff soaked up all it had to offer.

Jamie Kiff

February 11, 2020

In January the Gscience team was invited down to Barclays HQ to attend the Game Tech Frenzy event. Our Co-Founder Jamie Kiff attended, soaking up all it had to offer. Below Jamie provides a brief summary and some of the takeaways.

You can’t really start an event much better than being greeted alongside 3 arcade machines with Street Fighter 2! Throughout the event Barclays mastered the balance between work and play with several insightful presentations being delivered alongside a league of legends tournament. The suit and tie dress code that normally occupies level 2 was replaced by an excellent squad of Barclays representatives dressed in their own gaming attire. The attention to detail put into dress code continued with the resourcefulness and pro-activity of the staff who made sure that introductions were made and conversations were started.

The businesses that had the opportunity to present a stand illuminated the sheer diversity of the industry. For Gscience, it was a pleasure to present alongside our partners Resolve who are setting the example for how esports teams and communities should be operated. They understand the impact of health and wellness, not only for gamers’ performance but also for their daily functioning.

Apart from Resolve, our favourite stand was Special Effect. Their use of eye tracking to help disabled people enjoy video games is not only a fantastic idea but also a great experience and a step in the right direction for areas within esports that need to be developed. This was a theme that was explored further in a number of the presentations hosted during the event. In particular, women in gaming, which highlighted both the sparsity of women playing professional esports and women employed within the industry.

Although several key areas for improvement were discussed throughout the day it was a shame that health in esports was left unspoken. This was surprising given the increase in media attention that has been given to a plethora of gamers who have quit due to burnout, injury or illness. However, for Gscience this only ignited the flame further in terms of our mission to create healthier and happier gamers. We hope that future events will highlight this issue and begin discussions about how the industry can do better to promote gaming alongside a healthy lifestyle. Despite this, the day was a complete success and more events like this are needed to celebrate and improve the rapidly growing ecosystem of esports.

From myself and the whole Gscience team we’d like to say a massive thank you for the invitation. Our takeaway from the day was “in order to create a successful business in esports you need to be authentic”.

Jamie Kiff

Co-founder & CSO

Jamie graduated from Loughborough with First-Class Honours in Sport & Exercise Science in 2018. He has worked as an esports performance coach for multiple  teams including Viperio, GamersOrigin and most recently Resolve.

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