Gscience partners with Gamers Origin

Gamers Origin, La Ligue Française Spring 2020 winners, and Gscience announce Health and Performance Partnership.

Jamie Kiff

May 11, 2020

We’re excited to officially announce our health and performance partnership with the LFL Champions, GamersOrigin ahead of the EU Masters. This marks the first official partnership that G-Science has conducted with a professional esports organisation.

Although the partnership has been officially announced today, Gscience has been providing the GO League of Legends team with sport science support in the lead up to, and throughout the LFL Spring play-off finals.

Collectively, the screening was a great opportunity to set the foundations in terms of team culture and values. At G-Science, we believe that establishing a high performance culture is at the heart of any successful team and developing this with the players and coaches was vital to ensuring that they were working towards the same goals and understood each other as individuals.  In addition to this, we conducted a performance audit with Gamers Origin and highlighted areas for optimization.

We also spent time looking at the players ergonomics and seating position to educate them about the long term ramifications of a poor seating position on the body, and how to sit in a more posturally effective manner.

Unfortunately Coronavirus meant that our support had to be provided remotely after the G-Science team returned from Paris. However, throughout this process we have monitored the team daily, taking both health and in-game performance metrics. This uncovered several trends and patterns about each of the players that will help to inform the support and interventions that we provide. It has also given us a much better understanding about the physical and mental demands of competitive esports players.

Furthermore, the data collected will be used in the development of Optimal. This will enable provision of more accurate insights into the relationship between health and gaming performance, equipping the G-Science team to help others in the competitive space more effectively. For further information about Optimal and how to sign up to use our beta, please head over to our Optimal page.

Despite the unfortunate events surrounding coronavirus, the GamersOrigin team excelled in the LFL Sping play-offs, dominating the semi-finals against Misfits Premier 3-1 and annihilating LDLC 3-0 to take home first place and qualify for the European Masters.

“Really glad to have had G-Science on board to help me with my workouts and for helping me with mental preparation!” said Shemek, top laner for Gamers Origin.

“It has been amazing to have been able to support the team throughout this process and we’re delighted to officially announce the performance partnership ahead of the European Masters. This will be an increasingly stressful time for the players with several games being played over a short period against formidable opponents. As such, the goal of the partnership will be to ensure that the players are physically and mentally prepared for whatever is thrown at them and provide them with the gold standard of sport science support ” said Jamie Kiff, Co-Founder of Gscience.

“We’ve been working with Gscience for more than a month and we have already been able to witness results in the team. We came back from an up and down split to win the LFL and enter the EUM in the best conditions. With the current situation where players are playing from home, it’s good to know that we can monitor their daily lives and training with such profesionals.” said Yann-Cédric Mainguy Gamers Origin Sports Director

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Gscience is an esports performance company looking to create healthier, happier and more successful gamers. They tackle key industry issues such as burnout and tilt and provide gamers with sport science support from experienced practitioners from the world of esports and traditional sports. To achieve this, they are creating the world’s first athlete monitoring system for esports athletes called Optimal.

GamersOrigin is a French professional esport club with 8 teams and 20 players that have numerous awards in national and international tournaments. The team was founded in 2014 and has developed since then, becoming a major esport club in France. GamersOrigin is currently participating in esport international competitions, such as the European Masters, the Hearthstone Grandmasters or the Capcom Pro Tour.

Jamie Kiff

Co-founder & CSO

Jamie graduated from Loughborough with First-Class Honours in Sport & Exercise Science in 2018. He has worked as an esports performance coach for multiple  teams including Viperio, GamersOrigin and most recently Resolve.

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