Gscience appoints Tom Smith as Chief Marketing Officer

Gscience makes a leadership addition with the appointment of Tom Smith as our new Chief Marketing Officer.

Jamie Kiff

August 19, 2020

We are excited to reveal Tom Smith as our new Chief Marketing Officer who joined the team just over 2 months ago and was responsible for the recent company rebrand. Tom has a rich background in esports, product and marketing with a decade of hands-on experience across the ecosystem. Tom has joined Gscience to deliver success across product development and our wider marketing strategy.

Statement from the founders:

Bringing Tom on board was a no-brainer. His experience within the esports industry is hard to find and having someone like this as part of the team will help to accelerate Gscience towards its goals. The recent rebranding that Tom spearheaded is testament to this and moving forward we’re very excited to have his input in both the development of the company as a whole and also with our product, Optimal. 

Statement from Tom Smith:

I have been aware of the substantial progress Ryan and Jamie have made as a company over the past year, and I am excited to be joining them on their journey. Since initially joining as a marketing advisor, our business relationship continued to flourish. As the CMO opportunity developed, it was a win-win opportunity I couldn’t refuse when working alongside such passionate, inspiring and hardworking founders. As we look ahead, I cannot wait to celebrate every milestone we achieve together as a company.

Tell us a little bit more about your background in esports? 

I have been involved in the esports industry now for just over a decade and my journey began in 2010 with my own esports organisation ROCKIN’ esports. From there I gained the opportunity to work with organisations such as Copenhagen Wolves, Cloud 9, Team Solomid and Astralis Group in regards to content and marketing.

I proceeded to co-found an esports tournament platform named Battleriff as the CPO, which was recently acquired. From there I founded Esportsdeck building bespoke pitch decks for esports brands in addition to continuing my consulting for startups and global brands such as Freeman Asia & Google.

My background consists of a complimentary mix of product, marketing, brand development and strategy - allowing me to seamlessly fill the role of CMO with a focus on marketing strategy, product management and brand development for Gscience and their Athlete Monitoring Platform, Optimal.

What’s your favourite game title? 

I have always been a massive fan of competitive focused FPS games since Quake and Call of Duty 2. Currently, I scratch my fps ‘itch’ with Valorant where I am ranked Diamond 3 on my journey to Immortal, but I do occasionally drop into COD: Warzone for some action now and again. In terms of my favourite game of all time, it would have to be Call of Duty 4: Promod in its esports prime, both as a player and as a spectator - the plays that could be made in that game were second to none.

What are your interests outside of gaming?

Outside of gaming I have a strong passion for the more ‘extreme’ sports. As far as entertainment goes, I have been an avid fan of Formula One and UFC now for a number of years and try not to miss a weekend. As for hobbies, I regularly enjoy Airsoft, mountain biking and skiing with friends but also love spending time exploring nature with my partner.

Mountain biking in Cannock Chase, United Kingdom

What do you hope to achieve at Gscience, and what will be the biggest challenge?

Gscience’s vision is to become the world leaders in esports health and performance. With our strong team, advisory board and relentless driving force, I believe we can achieve exactly that. My personal goal is to develop Gscience into the ‘top-of-mind’ brand that gamers, practitioners and organisations think of when it comes to health, wellness and performance within the esports industry.

The biggest challenge will be finding the perfect balance between gaming and science when educating and engaging our audience. Many gamers find ‘science’ to be trivial when it comes to gaming performance - so this is a challenge I am determined to overcome.

What’s the best part about working at Gscience ?

What makes Gscience great is that everyone involved is full of passion, initiative and a winning mentality. Founders Ryan and Jamie are fantastic to work alongside and we click very well as a unit. 

I have been involved with Gscience behind-the-scenes now for nearly 3 months working on our new rebrand, content strategy and helping develop the Optimal product. The experience so far has been very fulfilling as my sports science and psychology knowledge continues to grow.

The new Gscience rebrand is great. Can you tell us a little bit more about it and where your inspiration came from? 

The inspiration behind the Gscience rebrand is rooted in how we visualise progression and performance. We took these two elements and fused them in the form of a capital ‘G’ with aspects of a performance meter and a donut chart to help symbolise the progression to achieving optimal performance. 

We kept the colour palette relatively simple with a focus on the new ‘performance green’ colour - which is a mixture of emerald green with a hint of cyan.

When conceptualizing the rebrand, we were well aware of the number of ‘G’ related logo marks in the esports and gaming space. So we were very careful in designing something memorable but unique to the Gscience brand.

Tell us one thing that most people don’t know about you? 

Other than being too obsessed with camouflage. Most people don’t know that I am a proud owner of two F7 Savannah Cats. They are sisters under the names of Yui & Maya, and they are approaching 5 years old. For those who don’t know Savannahs are a mixture between a wild African Serval and a domestic cat.

Maya (Left), Yui (Right)

Follow Tom on Twitter: @EsportsTom

Connect with Tom on LinkedIn:

Jamie Kiff

Co-founder & CSO

Jamie graduated from Loughborough with First-Class Honours in Sport & Exercise Science in 2018. He has worked as an esports performance coach for multiple  teams including Viperio, GamersOrigin and most recently Resolve.

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