Gscience and Prodigy Agency announce health & performance partnership

Prodigy Agency selects Gscience as their esports performance & health partner. Becoming the first esports talent agency to make a strong commitment to players health & wellness.

Tom Smith

November 19, 2020

Prodigy Agency, a leading esports representation agency with star talents including ZywOo, mixwell, apEX, ScreaM, NBK, sOAZ and more, has entered a strategic partnership with Gscience who will be their official health and performance partner. Prodigy Agency is renowned for its ‘Players First’ initiative and holistic approach, and is now the first esports talent agency to add a health and performance partner to benefit their players. 

Gscience will be providing tailored esports performance coaching and workshops to those who need it as part of Prodigy’s growing roster of esports athletes. The aim of the partnership is to improve the performance of the players whilst optimising their health and wellness.

“Our main mission with Prodigy Agency is to take care and support our players from all angles. Health, wellness and performance is obviously one of the most important verticals for esports players, especially with the current global situation, and it was important for us to find the right partners. Gscience are pioneers in esports health and performance and I’m really looking forward to developing and building the best support on that regards for our players around the world.”

Jérôme Coupez, Founder & CEO Prodigy Agency

Prodigy Agency and Gscience will also work on championing mental health awareness and support across the esports and gaming industry. Now more than ever it's crucial for the community to come together and support one another. With this partnership we will be able to educate and empower gamers all over the world to take control of their mental health and build resilience.

“After speaking with Jerome and learning more about his reason for starting Prodigy Agency, I knew immediately that we were a great fit for one another. Both companies believe in and understand the importance of taking care of the players and building a healthy and sustainable ecosystem for all gamers. We are excited to share our knowledge through the world class talent that prodigy has on their roster.“

Ryan Scollan, Co-Founder & CEO Gscience

Gscience has a world class esports performance team and they have a proven record of producing successful players throughout the amateur to professional ranks. Gscience has built an esports performance model that takes a holistic approach to health and performance and focuses on athletes; psychology, physiology, nutrition, sleep, recovery, ergonomics and the environment in which they play.

Gscience will complete performance audits with the players to establish their health and performance baselines. This will enable the Gscience performance team to create tailored performance programs for each individual player and host monthly health workshops specific to any issues the players may be having. Gscience will work collaboratively with every athlete to improve their performance, health & wellbeing.

“With COVID-19 restrictions in place worldwide we have seen a rise in the number of gamers reporting physical and mental health issues. As such, this partnership with a leading esports talent agency couldn't come at a better time. We want to ensure that athletes are given the support they need during this difficult time and throughout their career.“   

Jamie Kiff, Co-Founder & CSO Gscience

Esports is becoming more competitive with talent and prize pools becoming larger, meaning there has never been more pressure on esport athletes to perform. Working with Gscience will give the players the competitive edge by unlocking their performance potential, hidden in the out of game factors that many players overlook.

apEX (Professional CS:GO Player for Team Vitality)

“Being an esports player is more and more stressful and demanding. Nowadays, we need to be real athletes, handling a high level of competition and pressure, an intense schedule and always being on top. It’s crucial to be supported in terms of performance and health, in the long term. Some of us already have great support from our organisations, but a lot of players don’t have that chance yet, even from the best teams. So I really find it fantastic that Prodigy Agency is taking the initiative, commiting for their players, as usual!”

Dan “apEX” Madesclaire, Professional CS:GO player

Founded by two Sports Science graduates from Loughborough University, Gscience is a leading esports performance company offering high performance coaching and analytics platforms that optimise player health and unlock gaming potential. We utilise our collective expertise in traditional sports, esports and science to redefine the limits of esports performance and create healthier, happier and more successful gamers.

Contact: Tom Smith - CMO (

Prodigy Agency is a leading esports representation agency supporting world-class and up-and-coming players around the globe. Built around a family-centric culture, Prodigy offers talent a full suite of services including career management, health and performance,  strategic guidance, contract negotiations, brand creation and management, integrated marketing, global partnership development and more. Thanks to a deep knowledge of esports and a combined reach of more than 30 million followers, leading brands and companies look to Prodigy Agency to provide leadership in understanding the esports market through fans’ passion and how these insights can build more effective, efficient and measurable marketing programs and ROI.

Contact: Jérôme Coupez - Founder & CEO (

Tom Smith

Chief Marketing Officer

Tom has a rich background in product & digital marketing with over a decade of hands-on experience across the esports ecosystem. Tom joined Gscience to deliver on our ambitious content strategy and world class products.

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