Gscience adds Jason Cowman as Scientific Advisor

Gscience has added Physical Performance Coach Jason Cowman to the team as Scientific Advisor to assist with development of Optimal and the performance coaching academy.

Tom Smith

November 30, 2020

Gscience is delighted to add Jason Cowman to the team as a Scientific Advisor.  As the current Head of Athletic Development for IRFU National Team and Co-founder at Kitman Labs, Jason not only brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes creating and implementing high performance programs but also in the development of athlete monitoring systems. 


Jason has only been a part of the team for a very short period of time, but has already provided significant value with the development of Optimal, particularly with what to avoid, what to focus on and how to create value for both the individual, coach and organisation. Jason will also be heading up the Gscience Coaching Academy which will help to create the next generation of performance coaches in esports. 

Jason Cowman (Right) is the current Head of Athletic Development for IRFU National Team.


“What stood out straight away for us was how humble Jason was and that really fits well within our culture. Even with Jason’s decorated background in traditional sports, he still possesses a very open minded approach to esports - in our experience this is a rare combo. From the outset of our professional relationship he has been a brilliant role model, providing expertise and guidance that we really appreciate as young, passionate founders.”


Jamie Kiff, Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer at Gscience


“The credibility this team brings to gaming science is stand-out. There isn't a team out there currently who could compete with the balance they have between their scientific capabilities and their expertise and experience of the industry. It's a team of good people, who are very together, have a really strong vision and from very early on I could see they had a sense of purpose about them.”


Jason Cowman, Scientific Advisor at Gscience



Jason Cowman (Left) during a Ruby gym session at the Ichihara Suporeku Park, Japan. Picture: Brendan Moran/Sportsfile.

We asked Jason some questions about joining Gscience and how his traditional sports experience will be applied to esports.


  1. Coming into esports from traditional sports, what was the first thing you noticed? 
The excitement in the industry. It's a relatively new, relatively young, but highly ambitious industry with a huge amount of opportunity.  Putting all those together you get a real sense of excitement amongst people in the industry. It's like being on the crest of a wave. 


  1. What can traditional athletes learn from esports players?  
The cognitive processing skills, decision-making capabilities and reaction times of esports players is of a level that needs to be seen to be believed. Regardless of the fact that all these processes happen in a stationary position, the overall speed of thought esports players have is definitely something that traditional sports players would love to hear more about and could certainly learn from.


  1. How are you going to be helping the Gscience team?
Wherever they think I might be able to add value. I'm not afraid to give my opinion but I'm also keenly aware that I've so much to learn in this industry and keeping quiet can be a good thing. I think my experiences in being part of the staff which oversaw the successful transition of Leinster rugby from annual underachievers to the best team in Europe and in being part of Irish rugby's most successful period ever will be a worthwhile addition to their vision for the company and the service they want to provide. Right now we're looking at product specifications, and using my experiences as co-founder of Kitman labs and in using multiple different technology supports as an Athletic Performance coach I think could have real value. 

  1. Tell us one thing that people don’t know about you?
People don't know lots of things about me! I still don't know lots of things about me! That's the beauty of it. In the words of St Francis of Assisi "What you are looking for, is who is looking". I'm looking forward to uncovering a few more personal insights working with this lot.


  1. If you could give one bit of advice to esports performance coaches working with gamers, what would that be?
You don't always have to be right. But you do always have to be open. Sticking to that as a principle will go a long way toward building positive relationships and helping get the best out of people.

To keep up to date with Jason’s involvement with the team be sure to keep an eye out on all our social media platforms. We will be making further exciting announcements for esports performance coaches in the immediate future.

Founded by two Sports Science graduates from Loughborough University, Gscience is a leading esports performance company offering high performance coaching and analytics platforms that optimise player health and unlock gaming potential. Gscience utilise their collective expertise in traditional sports, esports and science to redefine the limits of esports performance and create healthier, happier and more successful gamers.

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