Barclays discusses gamer wellbeing with Gscience

We spoke to Barclays about Gscience, gamer wellbeing and how sports science can be utilised to help gamers and esports athletes stay ahead of the game.

Tom Smith

October 8, 2020

Esports is an incredible industry but, like all sports industries, it has its problems.

Follow the biggest esports news for long enough and you’ll soon learn of players like League of Legends pro Jian Zihao – best known as ‘Uzi’ – who retired at 23 after years of arm and shoulder injuries, as well as chronic diseases. Or professional Counter-Strike player Lukas ‘Gla1ve’ Rossander, who stepped down from his team Astralis due to ongoing stress and burnout.

Barclays Eagle Labs spoke with Ryan surrounding Gscience and how we are tackling gamer wellbeing and health.

“If you speak to more players, more organisations, you’ll understand a lot of people are struggling with their physical and mental health. A lot of people think that being an esports athlete is all sunshine and rainbows. You’ve got all these young people seeing their favourite personalities, streamers and YouTubers being all chipper and winning millions of dollars, and they think it’s all great. But there is a darker side to esports.”

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Tom Smith

Chief Marketing Officer

Tom has a rich background in product & digital marketing with over a decade of hands-on experience across the esports ecosystem. Tom joined Gscience to deliver on our ambitious content strategy and world class products.

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