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Gscience are pioneers in esports health and performance. We provide sports science and data analytics to develop healthier, happier and more successful gamers.


Pioneers of esports health & performance

We are leading the way for research and development surrounding the health and performance of esports athletes.

We utilize our findings to help gamers master their health and achieve more.

Master your health, unlock performance.

We provide gamers with dedicated evidence-based resources to help improve their health and optimise performance.

Develop your health, nutrition and sleep to unlock your gaming potential.

The worlds first esports athlete monitoring system built to unlock gaming potential.

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For Players

Monitor your health and in-game stats to highlight areas to optimise, giving you the competitive edge.

For Performance Coaches

Monitor athletes, identify at risk players and use actionable insights to prevent burnout and injuries.

For Management​

Improve player longevity and enhance ROI for all key stakeholders.

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Esports Performance Coaching

Get access to our team of sport scientists and unlock your gaming potential!


Going at it alone can be challenging. Our team of sport scientists provide you with individualised support to optimise your health and take your gaming to the next level



Team success is a collaborative process that requires all players to be on top of their game. Our team of sports scientists ensure that your players are in peak condition all year round and are ready to perform when it matters.


Online Resources

Take control of your health and unlock gaming potential with our library of online resources and demonstrations backed by scientific research and delivered by qualified experts.


Performance Resources

As gamer's, we often overlook our health. However, the link between optimal gaming performance and health is far greater than you may have thought.

What our customers say

"We have been working with Gscience for a month now and have already witnessed stronger results in our team."

Yann-Cédric Mainguy

Sports Director (Gamers Origin)

"Gscience provide a professional and high standard service with staff who are passionate about performance."

Ilias Pajoheshfar

Owner & Coach (Resolve Esports)

"Really glad to have Gscience on board to help me with my workouts and and mental preparation for matches."


Esports Athlete (Gamers Origin)

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